Basic Resell Right In this type of right, you can only resell the ebooks and keep the entire profit. However, you are not supposed to pass the resale rights to someone else. Your customers can only use the ebook personally and not resale it to someone else. You cannot brand or edit the ebooks in this type of resale rights.
Master Resale Rights In this type of resale right, you can resell the ebook and keep the entire profit as well as pass on the resale rights to the customers. Master resale right leaves you with two categories of customers, one who will buy the ebook from you for personal use and some who will buy to resell it. Master ebook resale rights are a better option to earn more money. You can sell the ebook at a nominal rate to the end user and charge a higher price to the business customer. However, these rights normally do not allow editing and branding of the ebooks.
Private Label Rights Private label rights prove more beneficial to earn money in the resale business. These rights allow you to brand and edit the content. You have complete authority to handle the ebook your way. You have the choice to choose any method of sale. You get the authority to even sell the rights.